About ArshiStudio

ArshiStudio is a studio that is focused on three primary lines of production, which are Digital Art, Product and Service.


The Digital Art section of the studio is motivated on providing digital files that can be used for wallpaper, background and other similar purposes. Some of products that are offered in Digital Art are photographed and adjusted in Lightroom, and unique Google Sheet colored products.


The Product section of the studio is focused on providing needed and functional Product that provide better organization to day to day tasks. The Product section of the studio is currently in its early stages and as of        7-20-2020 no product are in stock.  

The duty of the Service line of the studio is to provide customization or help in projects. The Service line is better explained in Service page. 



ArshiStudio is based in San Diego, California. My Production is on its very early stages, Therefore I am open to any advise and projects that I can help in.

Product Designer- Arshia Alenaddaf

Studio's Email: arsarcstudio@gmail.com

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